Vertical Church: What Every Heart Longs for. What Every Church Can Be.

Vertical Church What Every Heart Longs for What Every Church Can Be Vertical Church What Every Heart Longs for What Every Church Can Be

  • Title: Vertical Church: What Every Heart Longs for. What Every Church Can Be.
  • Author: James MacDonald
  • ISBN: 9781434703729
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Vertical Church What Every Heart Longs for What Every Church Can Be.

    • Vertical Church: What Every Heart Longs for. What Every Church Can Be. >> James MacDonald
      272 James MacDonald
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    • James MacDonald

      James MacDonald D Min Phoenix Seminary is married to his high school sweetheart, Kathy, and both are from Ontario, Canada He is the father of three grown children, a daughter in law, a son in law, and grandfather to four amazing grandsons James ministry focuses on the unapologetic proclamation of God s Word In 1988, along with a small group of ministry partners, James and Kathy planted Harvest Bible Chapel which has grown to 13,000 people each weekend, meeting in six locations In 1997, a Bible teaching broadcast ministry called Walk in the Word was established, now reaching than three million people weekly In 2002, a church planting ministry called Harvest Bible Fellowship was born and has established than 70 churches across North America and around the world James vision is that God will use him to help plant 1,000 churches in his lifetime James extensive ministry also includes a training center for pastors, a year round camp, a biblical counseling center, a disaster recovery organization, and a Christian school all used to reach people with the life changing message of the Gospel Now impacting millions of lives annually, God s favor upon these ministries has been described by James as abundantly baffling The MacDonalds view their ministry as proof that God still uses broken vessels to pour out His grace.

    792 thoughts on “Vertical Church: What Every Heart Longs for. What Every Church Can Be.

    • What I loved about Vertical Church was MacDonald’s emphasis on the glory of God. That theme ran through out the book and for that alone the book was worth reading (p. 300).I also found his counter-emphasis on the sameness of mankind in its desire for eternity and God refreshing. It’s a necessary balance to the over-contextualization that happens today. Says MacDonald, We are taught to study out culture and contextualize the message to fit the uniqueness of the mass we seek to minister to. . [...]

    • Lots of underlining and corner folding, especially in the chapters on witness and prayer. A few key passages:"The power of the gospel is not in the relational capacity of the witness but in the message itself." (p. 247)(in response to a crisis) "I prayed only for the reputation of Christ to be protected and extended." (p. 292)"It's self-deception to believe there is a true faithfulness apart from visible fruit; a barren tree is not an upgrade to trees with bad fruit." (p. 152)"Boldness is simply [...]

    • The first chapters on God's Glory are awesome. I cannot stress that enough. However, I wish I could just recommend parts of this book, because the whole of it was disappointing. The first chapters are gold. Very profound. Convicting. Majestic. Relevant. I'd argue they're even useful to share with people who do not know Jesus as a starting place for a discussion about God. Also, lots of great illustrations to borrow in this book if you preach. I found that parts of the chapter on preaching was qu [...]

    • I have not yet finished the book but I have to say "Wow". This is the book I have been waiting for. It's due at the library tomorrow but I must purchase this book. I could not begin to type in all the meaningful sections in this book in the review. This book is the first of many church books I have read that doesn't make me feel inferior because I pastor a smaller church. It doesn't make me think, "If I just did this if would be better". It helps me to focus on the correct things. This review wi [...]

    • This one was kind of a mixed bag.Overall I really liked the first half. MacDonald's main thesis is that much of the local church has lost sight of the point of church: revealing God's glory. By attempting to appeal to the masses in (at best) ridiculously misguided ways, church has become a sideshow with no point. All of this I agreed with wholeheartedly, and it really influenced the way I think about church and where I'm seeing this (and not seeing this) in my own church.The second half, where i [...]

    • I started this book because the church leaders and pastors talked so highly of it. My church is also doing a series on it coming up so I thought it would be good to have a full understanding as we go into it. I did not finish the book but on what I read is why I gave it 2 stars. James McDonald is a good guy and his church is doing amazing things. However, I found his book to be exactly what he said it was attempting not to be, another fad to promote growth. Throughout the book it seemed to me th [...]

    • This book started slow - first couple of chapters. The focus on the mission of the church being the the place where the Lord is glorified is on the mark. The church is about the Lord. It has a sense of exclusivity as to the place to find the church aligned with the God's purpose - Harvest Church - it is a very obvious promotion of this model - one must be prepared to see beyond this to be challenged Biblically!!

    • I have been attending church most of my life. Why do we do what we do? What do people really need when they gather on Sundays? What does God think of the American church? I loved being provoked to thought and this book did that.

    • This book really challenged my thinking on worship in the church. It is a simple read, and highly beneficial for both church leaders and Christians in all seasons of their walk with Christ.

    • I was excited to read this book because of my own journey with the Lord and how I love the church. This is not about a better way but the only way. It is not about styles of worship, but about worshipping in spirit and in truth. Many of us may have experienced many things when it comes to the church, some good and wonderful and some ugly and hurtful. However, that being said, I realize I am part of the good and the ugly and because there is ugly and we are sinners, this reasonated with me becaus [...]

    • I have been anticipating the release of the "Vertical Church" book. I was not disappointed. This book delivered what I thought was coming and goes well beyond that. I found myself nodding my head in agreement, occasionally setting the book down to think through what I just read, encouraged by what I read (because I see it in our church) and convicted with a greater sense of responsibility and urgency in the ministry roles the church and God have entrusted to me. And that has me praying more, ack [...]

    • James MacDonald, founding Senior Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in Illinois wants worshipers, churches and leadership to experience Holy Spirit power and God’s glory during worship. Yet that isn’t a common church experience, although MacDonald says it is at Harvest Chapel in his new book, “Vertical Church.” There he shares his “…twenty-five-year try-fail-try again pursuit of that single goal—to experience God’s glory…” in church. MacDonald’s search for God’s “manifest p [...]

    • While there were certainly sections of this book that I liked, and bits and pieces that challenged or encouraged me, overall I don't think it was that good. The writing isn't terribly strong. The arguments are oftentimes built off the author's personal preference but then made to be like the established standard. And for that matter, you can only self-depreciate so much before it starts seeming a little like false humility. And we got past that point in this book.As other commentators have noted [...]

    • I admired the writer's passion and ardent desire to see God's glory revealed through the Church.Unfortunately, I think his credibility was drowned out by sarcasm and corny examples. I found his tone and writing style distracting, and would not have finished the book had not a trusted friend suggest I read it for personal edification on the concept of "vertical church." I'm glad I did finish, because some of the book's best and clearest substance came toward the end. I think the book would pack a [...]

    • Excellent, well written, thought provoking with a string desire to honor Christ & the Word in every chapter. The author asks hard & difficult questions & does not answer them the way many church growth books answer them, his goal is to honor Christ not build his own kingdom. Some of this I knew & it's disturbing, 6,000 churches close their doors every year, 3,500 people leave the church every day, & less than 20% of American attend church regularly. Here is a quote I love fro [...]

    • I find the first half of the book very good. The emphasis on God's glory and especially the teaching that all are fundamentally the same with respect to their need for the Gospel. Dr. MacDonald hits the nail right on the head. However, it then gets pretty strange. There are a lot of checklists about how to tell if your church is good. A lot of the second half book has to do with the authors personal strife with certain groups of people. Overall, I would pass, as other books I've read are more di [...]

    • With james macdonald books, i usually listen to the sermons, and then read the books. James is such an incredible speaker, i tend to find the books lacking. The ideas are incredible, but the writing leaves a little to be desired. With Vertical Church, i did not listen to the sermon series. This hurt a little because i did not have the background that i did on other books. The ideas are still solid, and i think very important to read. I would guess thoughnthat the sermons may be more impactfulWit [...]

    • i found this book challenging and that is a good thing, if i ever find myself reading this book and bot challenged by its content there is something wrong with me. the last 4 chapter i found extremely interesting and helped me evaluate my "church" experience as to where it stands and where it should stand, as well as what church should be and what it isn't. i found this book challenges you to re-think the concept we grew up with about what church involves and how it is to centre around God and H [...]

    • A book that begins with the author complaining about waking up at 4:30am to climb a volcano for a Hawaiian sunrise already has its' work cut out to gain my favor.I had return this book before finishing it. I could have flipped through the book and just read the boxed summary statements.From what I did read the author makes a good, Scripture supported argument for setting priorities for your church.- This book focuses on the church needing to focus primarily on glorifying God as opposed to entert [...]

    • It took me a little longer to read this book than most. That is not because it was boring but because I would read a section then have to go and think about it before coming back. This book opened my eyes to several things showing both good and bad areas in my own life and church. I would add this book to every pastor's "must read" list as it will challenge you. I don't give 5 star reviews but very very rarely. This book needs 6 stars. It was that good. Take this book and also get MacDonald's au [...]

    • Thought provoking, but did not agree with a few of James MacDonald's points. However, after reading many times in preparation for discussion with other church leaders each month, some earlier points made more sense after reading the complete book and reviewing once more. Still don't agree with some points, but others moved into the 'possible/think more about' side. Book proved to be an excellent discussion starter with the church leaders.Reading the book provoked me to listen to 'Walk In The Wor [...]

    • I have to be honest (as is my tendency), this is one of my least favorite books ever. The best thing about it is the title. His writing style is horrid, reflecting an ego beyond measure. I don't enjoy attacking a book that is intended to glorify God (and by default, an author) but it was painful to push through this book. Again, I'm sure he is a wonderful preacher but I suggest looking elsewhere for a thoughtful, meaningful, theological book. Okay, okay there were a few good insights and interes [...]

    • This book refreshed my spirit. It calls for something that has seemed to go missing in current church life, at least in my circles. We love our biblical knowledge, but we don't worship an idea. We worship the living God. The author's term describing "worship from the shoulders up" is apt, I believe. We seem to be so decorous, and yet the worship scenes in the Word of God are not. We need to worship from the heart, and keep our focus on Jesus the Messiah.I am challenged to bring this emphasis to [...]

    • I'm biased because I currently attend a Harvest Bible Chapel and I now understand what JMac was talking about throughout this book. Prior to attending a Harvest, I probably would have rated this book differently. Many modern churches have gotten so caught up in being relevant and hip to our culture, that they have lost sight of their purpose - to serve and glorify God. JMac reminds us that the churches mission is not to put on "Sunday Performances" or make the Gospel easy to swallow for everyone [...]

    • I've attended Harvest for about 8 years, and that really impacted the way I reacted to this book. When reading similar books by other pastors from other churches, I'd often wonder if what I was hearing really squared with the experience of the congregation. In this case I can say it does, and while Harvest is (of course) not perfect, the sense that God is at work is everywhere from the weekend services to the small groups. Vertical Church is free from trendy babble and sticks to timeless basics, [...]

    • This is a book that needs to be read by most Christians. The writing style, content, inspiration, conviction factor, life-change opportunities of Vertical Church rate 5 stars. For me, I visited a Vertical Church as part of my reading experience. Yeah, it was a nice church experience and all of that. Butbut it didn't live up to the expectation I derived from reading the book. It was nice--but no Vertical Church glory. I was nice though.Still, read the book. Buy the book! It's so worth reading. It [...]

    • Wow. That's my one-word summary after reading this book. Like other reviewers, I had to slow myself down with this read. I needed to intentionally pause every few pages in order to digest. Vertical Church puts a finger right on what is wrong with most Western churches today and provides practical ideas for how to breathe life back into them by inviting God's glory. A must read for church professionals, or anyone with a heart for seeing their own church experience new life.Friends of mine, I have [...]

    • I listened to this book whilst running and found the encouragement to think vertically and bring my attention to greatness of God and experience of his presence with us, very helpful. I did at times find it a little dated though - the concept of mission as being evangelistic events rather than a more holistic pursuit of every Christian, and the consumerist risks of placing great importance on the 'big' meeting went unchecked. Overall however, this was a book that checked me - my expectations of [...]

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