Linda Goodmans Sun Signs

Linda Goodmans Sun Signs Find out what s really happening in your life and the lives of those around you Is he really unstable beneath that placid exterior Is she marrying you for your money alone When should you give a waywa

  • Title: Linda Goodmans Sun Signs
  • Author: Linda Goodman
  • ISBN: 9780800849009
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Find out what s really happening in your life and the lives of those around you Is he really unstable beneath that placid exterior Is she marrying you for your money alone When should you give a wayward spouse the benefit of the doubt How can you adjust your inner moods to your best advantage, knowing when to push and when to pull back, when to speak up and when to shuFind out what s really happening in your life and the lives of those around you Is he really unstable beneath that placid exterior Is she marrying you for your money alone When should you give a wayward spouse the benefit of the doubt How can you adjust your inner moods to your best advantage, knowing when to push and when to pull back, when to speak up and when to shut up What is the best time to ask your boss for that raise, your girl for her heart and hand, your brother in law for a loan Learn all this and much, much from the world famous astrologer who has helped millions divine their way to happiness, love, and profit by studying the sun signs Amaze your friends and yourself with your insight into their most hidden characteristics Be the best that you can possibly be with Sun Signs.

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      Linda Goodman assumed the name Linda during World War II for a popular WCOM radio show in Parkersburg that she hosted called Love Letters from Linda Each show consisted of Linda reading letters written between soldiers and their loved ones Each letter was punctuated with a popular song of the day While working in radio, she met her second husband, Sam O Goodman, and took his last name He began her career writing for newspapers in the eastern and southeastern United States She also wrote speeches for black American civil rights leader Whitney Young, who served for several years as president of the National Urban League.

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    • This book is the reason by I am very much hooked in astrology nowadays. Linda Goodman carefully and accurately explain each zodiac sign in some forms of entertainment. In fact, I was suprised that most of her descriptions are true to me.For me the best thing about this book is it helped me appreciate myself and other people. At the end of the day, I always end up saying "kaya pala ganyan siya dahil ganito ang sign niya." This book is not made to create prejudice but to help understand the oddnes [...]

    • It is very cleverly written. So clever that you feel u r every sun sign from aries to piesces. Its heresay, imaginary, unscientific, illogical and absurd. But still u look up for your DoB many times and check your sun sign again and again. It is written so cleverly you force yourself to believe the qualities of your so called sin sign (pun intended). Its the majority opinion that its not science. Sun is star. Moon is satellite. But still considered for calculations. How the stars, planets and sa [...]

    • I take astrology seriously. I'm sure Linda Goodman takes astrology seriously. But you CANNOT TAKE LINDA GOODMAN SERIOUSLY. This book was written in 1968, and I swear it has NOT BEEN REVISED since then. What does this mean? First off, it means you get the benefit of all of Linda's 1968-era trippy-dippy moonchild flights of fancy. Second, girl will totally tell you that your Capricorn man might not like it if you want to, say, HAVE A JOB. (But hey, that's just one of his craaaaazy quirks that you' [...]

    • I swear by this book. I've read all the signs and they describe people's personalities so perfectly. Plus it was published in the 60's and is super old fashioned about gender roles. It's pretty hilarious. And to top it all off, there are constant references to Alice in Wonderland. How could it get any better?

    • I was practically weened on this book. The copy I have is a hardback from the 60s. It was my grandmother's, mom's, and now mine. And someday my kid will get it - mwhahaaaha! I have awesome memories of climbing onto mom's bed and reading astrology books with her. We'd read aloud to each other - different chapters for different parts of our charts. As I got older and had crushes, she'd ask me about this Pisces or that Gemini I had a thing for and we'd READ ALL THE COMBOS. This book is to me what m [...]

    • A fun book to read. I don't believe in astrology, but I must say that Linda has got it correct regarding the personality of myself (a Leo), my wife (a Taurean) and my son (a Gemini). I only did not like the part where she said Leos are boastful - we are not! We are just honest in pointing out our virtues.

    • That is kind of a nostalgic tip of the hat four stars there, because I appreciate Linda's Aries nature and the way she threw open the doors for a generation of astrologers and people in search of a bit more insight than just that newspaper column promising a tall dark stranger on Tuesday. And the Alice in Wonderland framework of Sunsigns was cool, particularly to the children of the 60's, our long hair trailing, our embroidered gowns catching the light.But this book was also the first one to mak [...]

    • Reading the Aquarius chapter was like reading erotica.Linda Goodman has a good understanding of the main foundation of a person's chart: the sun sign. She makes it a point to remind the reader how the other signs in our charts can skew our "token" sun sign personality. I appreciated this about the description, even if reading about the "hardcore" version of every sign wasn't always fulfilling. She points out very specific and accurate details that might give a reader some insight about themselve [...]

    • Lovely! Accurate! Interesting even if you do not believe in them. Is an all time favourite. My dad was an astrologer and he got us to read this, hoping to get us hooked to this science (I call it science, I have seen it work Every time). It sure got me hooked!

    • *sigh* I can't find my edition on here anywhere. It's the hard cover published in 1968. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to know what it means to be born during a specific time of the year. It read me like a book! lol.

    • I didn't believe in Astrology until I bought this book. I just had to read the Aries (the first sign) chapter in the book and I knew then to my great delight that this book is genuine. This book literally changed a large part of my life. I first went, a little bit, through her Love Signs book before taking the 'Sun signs' and buying it. I didn't care if Astrology is true when I picked up the Love signs book. I was just going through books in the store, so I just took this book and opened the Leo [...]

    • This book describes a lot regarding various sun signs in a very interesting way even if you do not want to believe it sometimes. It becomes very interesting when a person reads it and matches his or her qualities. It also defines the nature and characteristics of water, air and earth signs. As it was written a lot of years ago, things have changed greatly. It is based on people belief on astrology. Some of the points that I found interesting were like :-a Capricorn child is very serious in his c [...]

    • I loved this book. Suddenly this author has gotton me exited about a topic that i never fathomed would be very intresting. I have never taken any classes or took an intrest in astrology to read about it but reading Linda Goodman's writting and words she makes me feel like an expert. You would never guess that you are learning about Sun Signs, in fact your having way to much fun to even realize your learning anything at all, she treats this "guide" like a regular book, making it fun, adding in si [...]

    • Don't believe in Sun Signs? This book's for you!This book is fantastic! My book is dog eared and falling apart - I've read it that many times. Its one of those astrology books that don't need you to fit yourself into the said characteristics. Sometimes we just don't get someone's behavior or their nature - this book clearly helps in that. Understanding. Understanding that people are different and great in different ways.Linda Goodman's writing style is easy to read and holds your interest. When [...]

    • While I have always liked Goodman's style, her books are rather dated (keeping in mind that they were written decades ago and continually republished): a good writing style and an assumption that astrology as a determinant of personality does not age, but the interpretation does as they are often through a cultural filter. Now it is expected that both spouses work, women can handle things independently, etc. This is not to say I do not enjoy her books, as I often reread sections, and even quote/ [...]

    • wow! great imaginative & enthralling read! My favorite part(s) of this book? "How to identify this sign" You say you are in love with a Sagitarrius boss? Ayue carumba!! If you are a novice, then I might recommend reading Linda Goodman's Sun Signs firstpick out your favorite friend(s) birth signs & read about them! OR.if you have a difficult boss, and can find out his or her birthday, then read about that sign "as a boss." Perhaps my age is showing, but good clean fun (plus a little help [...]

    • The book that started it all! An extremely fun and enjoyable recounting of the sun signs and their quirks. She has a great flair for narration, and when copied by astrologers today, comes across as stiff and unnatural.A great book to read again and again. I was nodding and laughing at myself when the Sagittarius section came on

    • This is the best Astrology book ever written. Not because it is any less bullshit than any other, but so elegant, fun to read, and amazingly well crafted. A true gem. The descriptions are delightful of personalities that we all know. And I have to admit, my Sun Sign description, The Capricorn Woman, describes me perfectly, especially the part about how beautiful all Capricorn women are. .

    • Ok so I only read my sign and those of the boys I was in love with at the time. But I read them multiple times! I say it counts.

    • Best Book Ever. I just love this book. This book inspired me to learn astrology. I was 15 then. And now i am quite an expert in astrology.

    • 🌟Starstruck🌟This is a book you definitely wanna read, it has created a big buzz, and you will understand why some love it, some hate it, some goes banana on the Author, for not being specific enough, but gee *sighz* a half wit can figure out a book about sunsigns is not specific down to location, time, and exact person.s silly to even assume that.I have always been Taking astrology with a pinch of salt, since logic states it has to be generic, amd vague so it would suit most people. HOW EV [...]

    • A very easy-to-read compilation of the history and meaning of astrological signs that are more permanent in nature as compared to the dribble in the daily newspaper. Goodman does not hold back on her biases of the more potent signs. Of course, her own sign, Aries, is the one she places on a pedestal, so be wary of the author's opinions.

    • Curiosity for the characteristics of Scorpio led me to this book. I have always thought that astrology, the when and where of how we were born, pretty much has an influence in our personalities. After reading this book I understood better my behavior. I think the content is very certain, if you truly read it with an open mind.

    • I used to think this was the best, most accurate astrology book there was. This time around I feel that I have seen better. I do like how it has descriptions for Boss, child, spouse, etc. Can someone recommend their favorite?

    • Lots of good information in this book! The writing is clever and whimsical, making the deluge of information more palatable. I highlighted the mess out of it and found lots of connections between certain Sun signs and people I know. I'll definitely come back to this book later for reference. :)

    • I have some questionable faith in Linda Goodman's work.I am extremely fond of her style of writing, which adds a tad bit more mystery into an already mysterious topic of Zodian signs.I feel she wrote about me when she wrote about the Pisces woman.

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