Grapefruit: A Book of Instructions and Drawings

Grapefruit A Book of Instructions and Drawings Back in print for the first time in nearly thirty years here is Yoko Ono s whimsical delightful subversive startling book of instructions for art and for life Burn this book after you ve read it Y

  • Title: Grapefruit: A Book of Instructions and Drawings
  • Author: Yoko Ono John Lennon
  • ISBN: 9780743201100
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Back in print for the first time in nearly thirty years, here is Yoko Ono s whimsical, delightful, subversive, startling book of instructions for art and for life Burn this book after you ve read it Yoko A dream you dream alone may be a dream, but a dream two people dream together is a reality This is the greatest book I ve ever burned John

    Grapefruit band Grapefruit were a London based British band of the late s, brought together by Terry Doran of Apple Publishing, a music publishing company started and owned by the Beatles.Their brand of music was a typical late s blend of rock, which they often fused with psychedelic effects such as phasers and vocoders, or classical arrangements. Grapefruit The grapefruit Citrus paradisi is a subtropical citrus tree known for its relatively large sour to semi sweet, somewhat bitter fruit.Grapefruit is a citrus hybrid originating in Barbados as an accidental cross between two introduced species sweet orange C sinensis , and pomelo or shaddock C maxima both of which were introduced from Asia in the seventeenth century. Grapefruit, Essential Oil Rocky Mountain Oils Grapefruit Essential Oil Citrus x paradisi is also commonly known as Forbidden Fruit Grapefruit Essential Oil has a medium strength citrusy, fresh, and slightly Jintu Grapefruit Seed Extract Products ITM Online Grapefruit Seed Extract was originally developed by Jacob Harich as an antiparasitic agent Dr Harich, a German researcher who immigrated to the U.S convinced researchers at the University of Florida at Gainesville to experiment with the use of grapefruit extract as an alternative to then current chemicals for the protection of fruit and vegetables from mold damage. Grapefruit The World s Healthiest Foods The George Mateljan Foundation is a not for profit foundation with no commercial interests or advertising Our mission is to help you eat and cook the healthiest way for optimal health. Candied Grapefruit Peel Mar , The French refer to candied orange peels as orangettes, although I haven t heard of a term for candied grapefruit peels There s a recipe for candied orange peels in my book, Ready for Dessert, which are made differently than candied grapefruit peels You don t see candied graperuit in chocolate or candy shops in Paris, although when I made these, everyone that came by was gobbling Not natural, not safe Grapefruit Seed Extract Science Not natural, not safe Grapefruit Seed Extract Grapefruit seed extract is claimed to be a cure all for nearly every type of infection But there s a dangerous problem with poly Poly is a wine bar in Surry Hills, Sydney info polysurryhills opening hours monday friday pm late Grapefruit Yoko Ono s Poems, Drawings, and Instructions Oct , In , than a decade after the publication of her tender story An Invisible Flower, Yoko Ono collected a selection of her poetic meditations on life in a small but whimsical book published in Tokyo in a limited edition of More than thirty years later, Grapefruit A Book of Instructions and Drawings by Yoko Ono public library part irreverent activity book for grown ups, part Back At It Auntie Angel Shows Ladies A Wild Grapefruit Cops Raid Black Woman s Home, Seize Phones, And Computers After A Neighbor Called The Police To Report She Was Listening To Malcom X In Her Yard , views

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      Yoko Ono Lennon is a Japanese artist and musician She is known for her work as an avant garde artist and musician, and her marriage and works with world famous English musician John Lennon.

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    • Instructions for obtaining, reading, and disposing of GrapefruitBuy this book on amazon with two others for free s&h. Still think you spent too much money. Don’t care you spent too much money because you think this book will make you a better person.See the word “whimsical” on the back cover. Laugh at the word whimsical. Laugh with a coworker about the word whimsical. Say, “Oh, Yoko Ono, you so whimsical!”Make notes on every page. On some pages make pictures. In most of the notes, [...]

    • what an unorthodox and brilliant book--cross-genre in the truest sense--and so liberating. almost a declaration of artistic independence. it is sectioned into 9 "chapters" or so that instruct you on how to create an art piece in a particular genre: music/painting/poetry/event//object/dance/film/etc. in its range, the book is truly democratic, imagining all the possibilities for experiencing and creating art in so many ways. in its elliptical language, the book is deceptively simple, challenging [...]

    • Appreciating Yoko as more than John's wife is one of the best things that ever happened to me. The pieces in this book are hit-or-miss for me, but much love for Yoko.For your listening pleasure, some of my favorites: x, x, x.

    • A rewrite I composed, addressed to my family, based on my experience with Yoko Ono's flowering poetry in Grapefruit:PIECE FOR MY LITTLEST BROTHERMake a mountain.Put the mountain outside.Hand out small portions to people who come to see it.PIECE FOR MY OTHER LITTLE BROBreak big light into pieces.Put the pieces in an empty bag.Use pieces from the bag to fillempty conversation.PIECE FOR MY FINE ASS SISTERCollect sounds you have heard throughout the week.Replay the sounds at fullblast while you laug [...]

    • I meanI'm not sure how to review this book. It is a piece of incredible artistic work, only because it really allows you into Yoko Ono's thought process. It gives us a glimpse of how she viewed the world, her ideology and her quirkiness. Her creativity came through in every piece, it really gave me a clear idea how she worked and how she is an artist in every sense of the word. It is an intimate look into her works - music, art, poetry, film and exhibitionism. In every aspect of her life, her un [...]

    • Let’s Piece I500 Noses are more beautiful thanone nose. Even a telephone no. is morebeautiful if 200 people think of the same number at the same time.a)let 500 people think of the sametelephone number at once for a minute at a set time.b)let everybody in the city thinkof the word “yes” at the same timefor 30 seconds. Do it often.c)make it the whole world thinkingall the time.1960 springI’ve been carrying this book around with me for a month and a half. It got lighter. And I love it. I ne [...]

    • I can't believe these reviews! To people who hated it and who hate Yoko Ono: wtf have you ever done that made me feel good about life? Have you ever slowed down time through the economy of words? Have you ever made me wonder? Yoko Ono likes simple words everyone can understand arranged in small, beautiful koans! Little bouquets of language! Just like flowers! You have to stop and smell them!!! What's not to understand/like? I love this!! GTFO!

    • I became aware of this book because of my interest in the Beatles and John Lennon. Yoko Ono's art is one of those things that you either love or hate. I happen to love it. This is a book of instructions.le koan-like thoughts like; "imagine the clouds dripping. Dig a hole in your garden to put them in." Some of them are bizarre, some of them are poetic, some of them are painful, but they are all thought-provoking and beautiful - just like Yoko. Read this, and you'll understand why John fell in lo [...]

    • Book Report: Grapefruit by Yoko OneI’ve avoided writing this review for a long time. I find it easy to review books that have plots, that tell stories, that are logical, even if that logic only works in the reality of the story. And if the book doesn’t have a plot or a story, and it’s not particularly easy to understand, then I depend on its lyrical language. So it’s difficult for me to review and rate Grapefruit. This is not a book with a plot, or a story, or particularly beautiful lang [...]

    • Ok, this was a very important bk to me. In 1975 when I read this, I wd've just recently heard Ono's "Fly" LP wch I also loved enormously so when I read this it had plenty of impact. I was probably just learning about Fluxus in general at the time. This is "A book of instructions + drawings by Yoko Ono" & it exemplifies Fluxus short performance index card scores - such as the ones also explored by George Brecht. I have "LIGHT PIECE" circled in pencil: "Carry an empty bag. Go to the top of a h [...]

    • Let people copy or photograph your paintings. Destroy the originals.1964 Spring*I was inspired to read this book after sitting through brunch with a middle-aged dude who spent the whole pancake course sh*tting upon Ono, specifically for her bizarre (but, I would claim, intentionally subversive and hilarious), screeching performance as a backup singer for John Lennon and Chuck Berry's otherwise standard duet of "Memphis, Tennessee". (YouTube it.)Within my age and weight category, I am probably on [...]

    • In this playful book of “instructional poems,” Yoko Ono allows readers to become participants of their own sensory experience. Words and scattered drawings make up this abstract but pleasant book, where Yoko will tell the reader to do something to enhance life: “Steal a moon on the water with a bucket./ Keep stealing until no moon is seen on the water.” Or, “Carry a bag of peas./ Leave a pea wherever you go.” This style of writing allows the reader to conceptualize the act, and be th [...]

    • Revisitar este libro después de leer el ACORN representa un contraste y a la vez una proeza:Si algo tiene de sobra Yoko Ono, es paciencia y ver las líneas que trazó aquí para ser reflejadas 50 años después en el otro es algo digno de tomar en alto aprecio.Este libro (objeto) es muy bueno y si ACORN nunca hubiera sido publicado, sería el mejor, pero el tiempo ha vuelto refinados sus gustos, sus palabras exactas. En este aun se nota un tono oscuro, anarquista de ver arder el mundo, del happ [...]

    • So you still think Yoko broke up the Beatles? Get over it. One great way to do so would be reading this book. It's quick, light, and madly creative. The book consists of a catalog of performance art pieces for you to try -- most of which are completely impossible. One I try to practice is imagining snow is falling all the time. It's the heat of the summer, and I am certain my fellow Texans will agree that this is refreshing.

    • Oh, Yoko. What will we do with you? I'm a huge huge fan of Yoko's music but this book just seemed silly to me. I dislike things (and people) that tell me to be still and breathe for a minute, and that that will change my life. I'll do that when I feel like it, thanks! I suppose I'm glad it existseven though I DIDN'T burn it after reading as instructed, out of spite.

    • Those who expect to find a cute story or anectode like Patti Smith's "Just Kids" or those who know the exact definition of art and are really really sure that Yoko Ono's work is not it, will be highly disappointed with this book. If you don't expect anything from the book, it can be quite interesting.It made me happy. While reading it, I looked at the sky a lot more than usual.

    • Man, whatever Yoko says. Seriously, most people don't know (or outright deny) that Yoko was far more famous an artist than John. I bought this book a a joke, but it is actually really great. Yoko is a brilliant woman. And the Beatles were going to break up anyway. So eat that!

    • if you're feeling aimless or a little lost, you can always pick up GRAPEFRUIT and let ono offer an assignment. they are verbal, visual, imaginative, hopeful and productive. ono is a tender writer and a fierce instructor.

    • I didn't hate it, but I wish some parts had been rearranged. "To the Wesleyan People" would have been helpful first as it explains her views on art and what she hoped to achieve with her events vs happenings, also add to that her ideas about mind music and perception - which is almost like a meditation on finding zen in a small repetitive action. "On Films" would have been nice as a second chapter for a similar reason. Otherwise it's pretty hit or miss for me as far as an art concept book goes - [...]

    • Yoko Ono's never gotten a fair shake. Recently, the art establishment has lent her individual artistic prowess some modicum of respect, but the public still sees Ono merely as a strange shrill woman who broke up The Beatles. It's an undeserved and unfortunate albatross slung around her neck. Nevermind that The Beatles were hurdling toward a break-up any day--minimizing her influence to that of just John Lennon's girlfriend ignores everything that makes Yoko Ono remarkable. Grapefruit captures th [...]

    • Grapefruit. I originally thought of doing this review as a cute and clever list, mimicking the style of Yoko Ono's experimental text. Unfortunately, I'm perpetually late to the party. Because that's already been done (and well), I figured I would stick to the straight and narrow.Ok, first impression. This book is cute. Small, a cheery yellow cover, a little round Yoko on the front. The cuteness persists in the oddball scraggly drawings and a strange and thought provoking series of instructions. [...]

    • I have a lot of love for Yoko Ono, but I struggled with this book as it seemed uncharacteristically self-serving. Though not my favorite of her works, it did produce a few gems for me within it. Grapefruit is a book that I assume many people would disagree on and maybe in that way, it is a successful work.1// VENUS OF MIRO PIECEHand out small portions to people whocome to see.Ask them to polish them at home.Ask them to bring them back in fiftyyears to put the Venus together again.1964 spring2// [...]

    • I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Yoko and this collection of imagination. Yoko gives instructions for observing and appreciating the world around you. There are many pieces here that could form the basis for beautiful and productive meditations, ways to explore internal imagery, as well as physical, activity-based creative interventions.One of her sets of instructions asks you to poke a pin through a canvas and then hold it up to your face and look through the pinhole at your frien [...]

    • Este libo cambio mi vida cuando lo lei por primera vez a los 15 años. Fui a hacer el pedido a la libreria porque era imposible de conseguir, y me trajeron la primera edicion en español por un precio ridiculo (demasiado barato, aunque bastante deteriorado). Desde entonces lo tengo siempre a mano, leyendo un par de instrucciones por dia, siempre con una reflexion diferente. Gente que no tiene afinidad con la literatura experimental, abstenerse.

    • Loved it! It is really small and it may get repetitive in some parts, but it is a lot of fun! I like Yoko's concept of painting. As an art form, we tend to limit painting to the conventional medium, as an ideal, "painting" is done in many ways. The main instruction of Yoko is to create an aesthetic message with whatever it is within our reach (or not, I'll give the option just as she does), even if it is a mere thought, or someone else's name.

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