A Biltmore Christmas

A Biltmore Christmas Explore the luxuries of America s largest home through the eyes of the fiction Bradford sisters Having been orphaned they each secure work and lodging at the Bilt estate Charity a laundress Peggy a

  • Title: A Biltmore Christmas
  • Author: Diane T. Ashley Sylvia Barnes Rhonda Gibson Jeri Odell
  • ISBN: 9781616264192
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
  • Explore the luxuries of America s largest home through the eyes of the fiction Bradford sisters Having been orphaned, they each secure work and lodging at the Bilt estate Charity, a laundress Peggy, an assistant cook, Selma, a chambermaid and Melissa, a stable boy each experience adventures in employment and romance that culminate at Christmastime when the VanderExplore the luxuries of America s largest home through the eyes of the fiction Bradford sisters Having been orphaned, they each secure work and lodging at the Bilt estate Charity, a laundress Peggy, an assistant cook, Selma, a chambermaid and Melissa, a stable boy each experience adventures in employment and romance that culminate at Christmastime when the Vanderbilts hospitality is at its grandest level.

    Visit Bilt Bilt George Vanderbilt created Bilt as an escape from everyday life Explore the , acre grand estate in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC. Christmas at Bilt Insider s Guide Asheville The Bilt House is even magical when adorned for the holidays complete with elaborate hand decorated trees including the favorite ft live Fraser fir in the Banquet Hall, a thousand poinsettias, miles of garland and live music Throughout the estate, find decorated trees with Shop Bilt Wines Bilt Stay on Bilt Estate Vacation like a family friend of the Vanderbilts at our convenient Village Hotel, elegant Inn, or our charming Cottage, comprising the lodgings of Bilt. Bilt Retail Store Home Page Celebrate Mom s Day with Southern Gates stunning silver jewelry inspired by Bilt. Bilt Estate Christmas Christmas Photos at The Bilt Nov , Since Christmas Eve , George Vanderbilt s Bilt mansion has been a classic locale for Christmas cheer and celebration.Located in Asheville, North Carolina, Christmas at Bilt features America s largest home, meticulously decorated with dozens of decorated fir trees, thousands of lavish holiday decorations, and endless miles of brightly lit evergreen garlands. Bilt Victorian Christmas Traditions Victoriana Magazine On Christmas Eve , George and Edith Vanderbilt formally opened the doors of their room French Renaissance chateau in North Carolina, Bilt House, for the first time to friends and family George, Edith and their daughter, Cornelia, spent many Christmases together at Bilt House, creating traditions that Bilt continues to honor today. Arizona Bilt Activities Arizona Bilt, A Waldorf Astoria Resort remains one of the most recognized hotels in the world for Frank Lloyd Wright inspired architecture, luxurious facilities and storied history serving as a playground for heads of state and glitterati from the Rat Pack to today. Bilt Estate Bilt Estate is a historic house museum and tourist attraction in Asheville, North Carolina.Bilt House, the main residence, is a French Renaissance Revival style mansion built for George Washington Vanderbilt II between and and is the largest privately owned house in the United States, at , square feet ,. m of floor space , square feet of living area. Bilt Estate History Vanderbilts Asheville In the late s, George W Vanderbilt, then a young man of , came upon the perfect spot in North Carolina s Blue Ridge Mountains for a room French Renaissance chateau to be built by his friend, architect Richard Morris Hunt The great chteau would be called Bilt Vanderbilt s Dickens Christmas Show A Yearly Holiday Tradition The national award winning Dickens Christmas Show Festivals in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Vendors and exhibitors present an authentic th Century environment for your Christmas

    • A Biltmore Christmas : Diane T. Ashley Sylvia Barnes Rhonda Gibson Jeri Odell
      274 Diane T. Ashley Sylvia Barnes Rhonda Gibson Jeri Odell
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    About “Diane T. Ashley Sylvia Barnes Rhonda Gibson Jeri Odell

    • Diane T. Ashley Sylvia Barnes Rhonda Gibson Jeri Odell

      Diane T Ashley, a town girl born and raised in Mississippi, has worked than twenty years for the House of Representatives She rediscovered a thirst for writing, was led to a class taught by Aaron McCarver, and became a founding member of the Bards of Faith.

    268 thoughts on “A Biltmore Christmas

    • Most boring book of the year? I think sooooo!!I think I read two of the four stories in this collection, which proved to be more than enough. Boring, super boring, REALLY boring plot and characters, nothing exciting AT ALL, everyone seemed overly serious and melancholy, and it was just not enjoyable. It's not romantic, it's not intriguing, it's not engrossing, it's nothing but a waste of time. Sorry! This is the third negative review I write in a row, and they were all on Christmas novellas. May [...]

    • Each story was pretty good -- in a quick, fluffy, holiday read sort of way -- but the last story was my favorite. Honestly, the first two had me worried that all four stories would follow pretty much along the same line. I'm happy to say they didn't, though. :)

    • Ummm I like fuffy reads from time to time, but I couldn't finish this one. I read two stories and started a third and I rolled my eyes. All of these were insta-love rich-guy-loves-poor-girl stories. I just didn't like this collection.

    • I was looking for a nice Christmas book to read during the holidays, and this collection of short stories seemed like a great choice. It consists of four cute Christmas stories, each featuring a different sister from the Bradford family. All of them get a job at the Biltmore estate and find love while working at the place.I'm very happy to say that I enjoyed all four stories :) The Bradford girls are very loveable and their love interests are amazing men. A great book if you like rooting for nic [...]

    • A Biltmore Christmas is set at Christmas time at the famous Biltmore House. It is an anthology of 4 novellas each story focusing one one of 4 sisters who had lost their parents at an early age and been placed in the orphanage at Biltmore Village. The four stories were enjoyable but had so much similarity that I can't say that any one stood out more than the other or that they were more than likeable. This book is part of the Romancing America series.

    • Four short stories centered around Biltmore Estates about love to help in getting you ready for the holidays.I found it fascinating that several of the authors are from Mississippi!

    • Loved it. A light Christmas read. I enjoyed each of the 4 sisters stories. Predicable outcomes as far as the relationships are concerned but it's the getting to the end that is interesting and fun. The ups and downs of relationships and life. Also, I loved the Christian background and morals for each story.Here are some quotes from the book with thoughts we all need to heed "'Honestly, being a servant at Biltmore is as close as I'll ever get to wealth. Do you wonder why some are born with everyt [...]

    • A Biltmore ChristmasFollows the lives of sisters raised together in an orphanage after the loss of their parents. As they each reach toward adulthood they find jobs ( & love ) at the nearby Biltmore Estate. As with any multi-book anthology, I had my "favorites" . I especially liked the last tale, that of Melissa and Ned. Poor Melissa! Spending her life with a mechanical brain, able to understand how things work, and how to fix them when they don't but not having a clue about the things wome [...]

    • This was a Christian romance set in Oct 1896, goingforward. G. Vanderbilt was a shy, reserved, avid reader, businessman. His Biltmore, on 250 acres, was developed as a private home but run like a hotel, his guests: family,friends, business associates. He owned 10,000 books.He gave free room and board to his servants, most of whom worked from 6AM to 9PM. Story followed the 4 fictional Bradford sisters, on theirjourney from being orphaned minister's daughters to all subsequently becoming Biltmore [...]

    • Cute! This contained four stories, each about one sister from a family of sisters who had been orphaned as children. Their stories were all romances that occurred while they worked at Biltmore Mansion in North Carolina in the 1890s. The first two were pretty good, even if they were quite unbelievable. The third one was better, but the last one was the best. I felt like it was the most realistic, even if it's timetable was the shortest.3 1/2 stars, maybe 4 because of the last story.

    • Four books in oneEach story in this book was written by four different authors. Each with their own style. Each told of a different sister. The sisters were orphaned and cared for by a dear lady. Each sister ends up working at the Biltmore Estates and fall in love. Cute short stories.

    • Fun seasonal read. It is interesting to think of all the goings on at the Biltmore Castle at Christmas. The stories are short. I wish there was more on their ma.

    • All four stories were sweet!A Carolina Christmas:Clay and Charity want a simple life. Clay wants to escape the upper class snobbery and meet a girl who doesn't want him for his money. So when he meets Charity, a servant girl working in a hotel. This was just a cute short story with some tension in it, but well worth the read! I can't revel to much without giving away the story, but clay's parents, and his cousin along with an old foe play a part in this story.A Proper Christmas:Selma takes a job [...]

    • This series is focused on 4 sisters that go to work at Biltmore as they come of age. Lighthearted reading, perfect for the Christmas spirit. I enjoyed all 4 stories.

    • This was an absolutely delightful read. It is about four sisters, orphans, who find their place and their heart at the Biltmore Estate. Instead of one story, it is actually four novellas, one for each sister, each story written by a different author. The stories are very sweet, clean, romance stories, and each can be read in a couple hours. They are simple, but delightful happy-ever-afters. It's the perfect cozy-by-the-Christmas-tree read.I would love to know more about how the book came togethe [...]

    • UnbearableSo I read 2/3 or maybe 3/4 of the way through, but couldn't stand to finish this book. Four authors, each told the story of one of the 4 orphaned sisters who worked below stairs at the Biltmore estate. I kept hoping each author might be better than the previous one, but no. By the time I started with orphan #4, I had had more than enough. There was zero character development: each of the pious heroines blushed and simpered and trusted God to bring the right man to her, and proselytized [...]

    • I love the setting. The Biltmore is one of my favorite places to visit, so I particularly enjoyed these stories. A Carolina Christmas by Jeri Odell—1896This story features one of four sisters, who were orphaned at a young age. Charity is adventurous and sets out to make a new life for herself. She meets Clay, a caring man and dedicated Christian. I enjoyed this sweet romance. A Proper Christmas by Sylvia Barnes--1897I enjoyed this second novella, as it was filled with historical tidbits, which [...]

    • Four sisters, four Christmas adventures at the Biltmore Estates:Charity, learns how to properly care for a horse while snagging the attention of Clay.Selma, working as a chambermaid catches the eye of Jacob who is popular among the ladies.Peggy, creator of delicious treats and assistant to the pastry chef finds more than honey on a trip to see a gardener.Melissa, whose talents excell in the mechanical field grinds the heart of Ned an entrepreneur.I enjoy reading these kinds of stories, each one [...]

    • I enjoyed this collection of Christmas stories set at the Biltmore. The stories were not too long so the book read very fast and I finished it in two days. The only complaint I have is I wish each story could have been just a bit longer but that is not really a complaint is it. I enjoyed each sister's story about how they found love. Peggy was a favorite when reading about how much she was respected in her job and I enjoyed reading about Mark, Charity's story was my favorite one to read as I lov [...]

    • I usually enjoy reading christian romance. However, I was a bit disappointed. There are 4 stories, one for each of the orphaned Bradford sisters. The overall story arch for each story was fine, but at times each story was a bit discombobulated. It was like the stories started and stopped. For me there was very little consistent flow in the writing/storytelling. I was excited to read this book as I have been to the Biltmore Estate and find it absolutely breath-taking. I can imagine where I was in [...]

    • Very enjoyableLiving near Biltmore estate, it was wonderful to get a glimpse of the behind the scene at Biltmore House. Each Christmas romance was engaging and sweet. Getting to see these sisters grow up in an orphanage setting, and all in their time go work at the estate doing their on special talent was wonderful. And each story line had trusting God four their future as a great part of the storybook ending. I would recommend this set of books to anyone wanting sweet faith built stories, with [...]

    • I I enjoyed reading it.Biltmore Christmas treeThis collection of short stories are delightful. Each story kept my attention, and I enjoyed reading this book. I am looking forward to any chance to learn more information about the Biltmore Estate. I. have toured the estate twice, and would love to get more information about on one of the rooms, that is not open. It's the Moreland Room. Any info would be great whether good or bad. These stories have good plot s and theme s. I recommend this. book t [...]

    • I enjoyed these four stories of sisters who found love working at the Biltmore estate at Christmas, and I appreciated that the books are Christian. The only thing that bothered me a little was that there wasn't any connection between the stories. Each sister went off to the Biltmore at a different time, and once their story ended they were seldom mentioned again. The women who married wealthy men didn't help their younger sisters.

    • Love supersedes socio-economic boundariesThe book intrigued me because I visit the Biltmore Estate several times per year. These four nouvelle provided a realistic view of the people who worked in the main house and their interactions with peers and guests.Their love for God and trust that He had a plan for them even through great trials demonstrated a level of faith absent from no d t contemporary literature.Appropriate for anyone to read.

    • Charity’s on way to her first job, working as a maid at The Biltmore House. She meets Claymoore in stables and as their feeling for each other grow stronger, they find connections they didn't know existed. Claymoore must travel home. He warns Charity to stay clear of the lady Elizabeth who is a guest at the Biltmore's, that she will do all in her power to separate them. Charity stuggles to understand Claymoore's feeling for her and his relationship to the Biltmore's and their guest.

    • I highly recommend this 4 in 1 novel for anyone who loves this era. Each section is done quite well. And even though each story can stand alone, I truly enjoyed learning about each sister. The authors did a wonderful job with the details, not going overboard. It was a nice vacation from the day to day grind.

    • I enjoyed some of the stories in this collection more than others. It seemed contrived that some of the stories involved marriages that were obviously counter-culture for the time period and the setting. The author gives beautiful detail and historical info about an area and a historical building with which I was completely unfamiliar.

    • Four stories about four sisters who lost their parents when they were young then raised in a orphanage by Mama Elsie. They left the orphanage one be one as they became old enough to find a job to support themselves. The authors did a good job of bringing out the personality of each sister. I read this book pretty fast making it a good read for Christmas time.

    • Recommend skipping this Christmas collection -- it read like weak 1980's Harlequin romance. I started skipping through it because it was just soweak.- A Carolina Christmas by Jeri Odell, 3 stars- A Proper Christmas by Sylvia Barnes, 3 stars- A Honey of a Christmas by Rhonda Gibson, 2 stars- An Accidental Christmas by Diane T. Ashley, 2 stars

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