Good Enough

Good Enough Getting % on the SATs or getting a date with a cute trumpet player Scoring top honors in youth orchestra or scoring tickets to a punk rock concert Following your parents dreams to an Ivy league

  • Title: Good Enough
  • Author: Paula Yoo
  • ISBN: 9780060790905
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Paperback
  • Getting 100 % on the SATs, or getting a date with a cute trumpet player Scoring top honors in youth orchestra, or scoring tickets to a punk rock concert Following your parents dreams to an Ivy league college, or following your heart It s senior year, and Patti Yoon is about to find out what it really takes to be good enough

    • Good Enough : Paula Yoo
      216 Paula Yoo
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    • Paula Yoo

      From paulayoo bioPaula Yoo is an acclaimed children s book author and novelist, TV drama screenwriter, and musician Paula s TV writing credits include NBC s The West Wing, FOX s Tru Calling, The N Paramount MTV cable network s Beyond the Break, The CW s Hidden Palms, and LIFETIME s Side Order of Life She graduated with a B.A cum laude in English from Yale University, an M.S in Journalism from Columbia University, and an MFA in Creative Writing from Warren Wilson College, where she was the recipient of the prestigious Larry Levis Fellowship in Fiction Before becoming a full time author and screenwriter, she was a journalist staff feature writer reporter for The Seattle Times, The Detroit News, and PEOPLE Magazine s Los Angeles bureau Her debut novel, GOOD ENOUGH, was released February 5, 2008 from HarperCollins She is also the author of the children s non fiction picture book, Sixteen Years in Sixteen Seconds The Sammy Lee Story illustrated by Dom Lee , published by Lee Low Books in 2003 It won the Lee Low 2003 New Voices Award, received starred reviews from BookList and Kirkus Reviews, and was on the 2006 Texas BlueBonnet Masterlist and the IRA 2006 Notable Book list Her second picture book, Shooting Star The Anna May Wong Story, about legendary screen star Anna May Wong, will be illustrated by Lin Wang and published in Spring 2009 by Lee Low Books She is the sister of David Yoo, also a young adult novelist He is the one who design the awesome cover of GOOD ENOUGH.When not writing, Paula is a professional freelance violinist Classically trained, Paula studied violin at the Hartt School of Music and Yale University and was concertmaster of the Detroit Civic Symphony Orchestra, principal second of the Yale Symphony Orchestra, and a member of the Santa Monica and Torrance Symphony Orchestras She has performed numerous classical chamber music recitals throughout the LA area, including concerts with the Los Angeles Chamber Players Paula also loves playing alternative rock on her Fender electric violin and Celtic fiddle She has performed, toured, and recorded with a number of national rock acts including Arthur Lee of Love, Spiritualized, The Dilettantes, Dylan Campbell, Kathleen Bird York, Anne McCue, Bright Blue Gorilla, The NOW People, Kissing Cousins, Wait Think Fast, Emma Burgess, Buck McCoy, Listing Ship and Random AOK.

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    • As an Asian-American, I'm always on the lookout for books either written by Asian-Americans, or featuring Asian-Americans as protagonists--or better still, fulfilling both categories. I picked up Good Enough by Paula Yoo because it fulfilled both categories, and was in the YA genre. For some reason publishers think Asian teens don't exist, but somehow emerge as fully-formed adults. Amy Tan, Maxine Hong Kingston, Jhumpa Lahiri--these are all critically acclaimed Asian authors who are known for wr [...]

    • A cute, funny book with a touch of poignancy -- this is the book to give to Lisa Yee fans who are going to high school.Patti Yoon is under a lot of pressure: her Korean-American parents want her to excel in everything, and that means getting into All-State Orchestra, socring a 2300 on the SATs, and getting into what they refer to as "HARVARDYALEPRINCETON." But when her first gander at handsome Ben -- aka Cute Trumpet Guy -- causes her to blow her All-State audition (egads, she's relegated to the [...]

    • My friend Sara said that after watching the last episode of the final season of Hannah Montana, she just wanted to sit there and cry.That is how I felt after reading this book.Bitter-sweet. Half happy half sad. And it has nothing to do with the actual ending, or if I liked the characters or not, and everything to do with the fact thatI'm a seniorand I'm about to graduate and I completely understood every single word about the stupid SATs (or in my case, ACTs) and getting into all the right colle [...]

    • This book sparked my inner musician in so many ways. The book starts off with a viola joke--something that made me laugh hysterically, because, as a violinist, I am one of the many cruel people in this world who love to beat up viola players, a revenge for the fact that viola players don't have to work as hard to climb the ladder into a higher orchestra.Patti Yoon is a Korean-American violin prodigy who is pressured by her parents to get into HARVARDYALEPRINCETON. However, when she meets a cute [...]

    • I can't begin to list why I love this book. The racial inequities, the complete lack of cliches throughout the whole novel, the absolute reality of high school, and the brilliance of how as a musician, it really shines through.I love this book. I'd shove it in everyone's face if I could - everyone who'd GET it, you know?Oh my gosh. Book starts off with music. I AM a violist - and I DO get the viola jokes. Made me laugh. And I GET the Top 10 Reasons For Bad Auditions - WHY? Because it's happened [...]

    • This book started out really great. The fact that this book is about the "typical Asian parents" wanting their daughter to be perfect was really intriguing. Towards the middle, I started to think that I knew what was going to happen, but suddenly the book started taking many interesting twists and turns. I couldn't put the book down once I had reached the middle because it had gotten so tempting to turn the page to see what happens next. I also liked that it was really quick to read even though [...]

    • I liked this book. It was easy to read and the story was interesting. Also, the fact that the main character, Patti, is a Korean made me like this book better(since I am Korean as well). I liked that the ending was not a love story, and instead it was a family ending with their problem solved. My favourite part was when Patti said happiness and success is different. It made me think about what is true happiness. I think happiness and success is not entirely different stories, but since Patti's p [...]

    • liked itI related to Patti in the needing to get top marks situation. I think the book was a quick read and light hearted. It's perfect for a weekend, it won't take much time to read.

    • I really liked this book. The ending was amazing and i wish it didn't end right there and i wish she continued it. I also liked that she ended it on a cliff hanger. But other than that i liked it.

    • I thought it was interesting of how the Character patit was so involved into advanced classes and getting straight As .As the story went on she was relizeing that she is happy with playing violin.Her parents did wanted her to go bigger at jobs ,but at the end of it all she said something differently.

    • Summary: Patti Yoon is the daughter of two Korean parents who strive for her to be the best she can be. In a world of concerts, SAT prep classes, Korean Church, and all AP classes, Patti is expected to get into “HARVARDYALEPRINCETON”. Patti is struggling during her senior year of high school. She is in love, wants to possibly go to Julliard, and just wants to be happy. She has to lie, sneak out, and make mistakes in order to discover what it takes to make her truly happy. She has to find a w [...]

    • I need the ability to half star things:) I would go 3.5 starsI thought that this was a great book. Especially for those high school kids that feel the pressure not only of the need to succeed but to be able to please the parents as well.(Excerpt from book)How to make your Korean parents happy:1. Get a perfect score on the SATs.2. Get into HarvardYalePrinceton.3. Don't talk to boys.*This is the fictional story of Patti Yoon a first generation Korean American girl. Patti's parents expect nothing l [...]

    • Patti’s life as a high-school senior is comprised of playing the violin, studying for the SAT’s, meeting a cute new guy at school, and trying to live up to the expectations of her Korean parents, who want, more than anything, for her to go to an Ivy League college. She has a passion for music, but knows her parents feel that life as a musician in unstable. In this story, Patti deals with trying to fit in, while still holding on to her Korean culture. She also faces the difficulties of trying [...]

    • I can't remember where I found out about Good Enough but it's been on my 'to read' list for ages. I started it today to take a break from all the heavy reading I've been doing.I devoured this book.I loved this book.It's just great young-adult-slash-teen fiction. Yoo really captured the mindset and the worries of a young, insecure geek brilliantly. There were a lot of situations in the book I could relate personally to. The love interest and the romance, though important to the plot, aren't overp [...]

    • "HarvardYalePrinceton". That is the goal of Patti Yoon, the protagonist of Paula Yoo's novel "Good Enough". Or at least it's the goal of her parents, and therefore her goal as the "Perfect Korean Daughter". But as she begins her senior year in high school, Patti falls for cute trumpet player Ben, and begins to re-evaluate her life. In the end Patti does not get the boy, but she learns an important lesson about being herself and making herself happy. I couldn't put this book down. Not only does i [...]

    • This spoke to me SO much, both as a musician and as someone remembering what it was like applying to colleges, as well as someone who is dating a Korean and has many asian friends in general. This was perfect. I wouldn't change a thing. In many ways it reminds me of Daria Snadowsky's Anatomy of a Boyfriend in that I wish I could have read this my senior year because it would have been PERFECT for me (although I didn't know many asians then - we had like two Chinese families in my school and that [...]

    • I did not care for this book very much, as you can tell from my rating. The only reason I bothered to do a review on itat allwas because I neede to give warning and a bit of credit. Yes, there were parts I liked. I didn't like:~The not-main characters~The mood~The book in general (no offense)I liked:~The main character (sometimes, simply because i can relate)That's it.I wanted to like this book. I really,reallydid. I even read it twice, I wantedto like it so much. But the ends just didn't meet. [...]

    • Patti is a young Korean American teen who is struggling with the need to please her parents and the desire to do what she loves. This is a great coming of age story that is filled with humor, romance, school pressures and parental challenges which allows every high school senior the ability to relate to her. Although relatively easy to read, this published by Harper Teen book is definitely geared to the high school audience. I think the pressure and angst that she suffers would be lost on a midd [...]

    • In many ways, this is a typical book about parental pressure for overachievement and academic excellence. Patti Yoon plays the violin, takes 7 AP courses, and lives her life to please her Korean immigrant parents and earn admission into HarvardYalePrinceton (one word, always yelped in this order). However, Yoo's style of writing ensures that it never comes off as hackneyed (who knew those SAT words would come in handy?). I enjoyed the lists, tips, disclaimers and recipes, but I was most impresse [...]

    • The book “Good Enough” talks about the life of a teenager named Patti Yoon. She is a Korean-American girl. She lives with her parents and was raised with the Korean culture. She and her parents have a strong idea about being perfect in everything, which is what good enough means. The book shows us too about American culture and how difficult it was for Patti to be part of it. I liked this book because we can learn many things about the Korean and American cultures. Furthermore I identified w [...]

    • Review Of Good Enough The book "Good Enough" is about teenaged student named Patti. She is Korean-American, and she trying to get into college. Her parents had great expectations of her that she will get high score on SATS and will get admission into Harvard or Princeton University. This book is about expectation from her parents that she is good enough to do it. While I was reading, I learned a lot of things about what you really like and what you parents expect from you. Therefore you need to [...]

    • Delightful and authentic (though the writing maybe slipped some near the end, as if the author was unsure how to bring the story to a close). This story will feel familiar to anyone who competed in high school music contests or knows the process of competitive college applications. It also read like a modern-day version of my beloved 50s/60s YA books, so many of which deal with girls who have problems with loving parents and aren't really sure what to do after high school.This book will make you [...]

    • I really enjoyed this book, as a violinist myself. I found this book incredibly relatable and I know others will too. I love the way the author put her own experiences into this story, and the way she described music and how it felt. Everything about this book was purely realistic as well. As a side note, I was somewhat glad Patti didn't end up with Ben. It showed that boys don't have to be your significant other every time. The author captures the feeling music brings really well and translates [...]

    • I really liked this book because, it is about a good girl that plays Violin, and she is very confident in getting into a good college and, starting a life on new soil. But when it comes to auditioning for a symphonic orchestra she gets detracted by a boy, and this boy is a trumpet player. Then she meets this boy and they start to hang out and eventually start a band together.I would recommend this book to people who like a good music book, that has people trying to concur their dreams, and peopl [...]

    • I just loved how, for once in the history of girlish books like this, the boy of attention DOESN'T get the girl. How unique is that? Good enough was defenatly meant for a younger age group, hence the three stars. However, I still really did enjoy the book and would readily recommend it to a my sisters or any other girls around the 10-14 age.

    • Good Enough is definitely the book for Asian kids (including me) because I can relate to this book so much. It's absolutely hilarious and Patti is my inspiration. Honestly, she is amazing for getting in all of the Ivy League schools!

    • I loved this book because it really seems like it could be real. I got a sense of what the asian american culture is like. I'm just glad that I don't get that much pressure from my parents. It's not exactly what I expected but that just made it all the more real to me.

    • Warm, funny and real, this book has everything a good teen novel should - including a violin, the Ivy League and many, many cans of Spam :D

    • Just another book about a self-hating Asian girl who complains about her "flat nose", likes a guy with "green eyes", and claims to be "100% American". Reading this book was torture.

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